Terms of Absolute Promo

Terms of Absolute Promotional Offer:
  1. Accommodation is for two adults and is available for up to two children between the ages of 0-1. Children between the ages of 13-18 years will incur a surcharge of €99 each (or AUD 22 per child, per night).
  2. All requested dates are subject to availability and all check in dates go strictly Saturday to Saturday.
  3. Availability during Chinese New Year is limited.
  4. Extra nights may be available upon request and at a heavily subsidised rate.
  5. If this offer is gifted the receiving party must agree to the terms of the promotion as listed.
  6. Insurance and travel expenses are not included in this offer.
  7. Food and Beverage are not included in this offer unless otherwise stated.
  8. We reserve the right to refuse any reservation on any grounds.
  9. We work on a 'first come, first served' basis only.
  10. Please DO NOT reserve flight tickets until you are in possession of a valid Hotel Confirmation Voucher.
  11. Guests will be asked for their flight arrival details prior to check-in in order to finalize their reservation.
  12. An admin fee of AUD 50 will be charged for any change of dates once initial booking made.
Qualifying Criteria: 
  1. Couples married or co-habituating for two or more years, traveling together.
  2. Both members of the couple must be a minimum of 30 years of age prior to check in and no more than 69 years of age prior to check out.
  3. Although you are under no obligation to buy, rent or lease any of the products available to you, guests must dedicate 90 minutes of their stay to a V.I.P viewing of an Absolute World Group portfolio containing an exciting selection of Real Estate, Fractional, Vacation Clubs and Hotels.
  4. Your combined annual income must be superior to AUD 60,000.  
Disqualifying Criteria: 
  1. Group Travel is not permitted. A group is defined as two or more families traveling during the same period to the same resort/area/property.
  2. Two single people travelling together is also classed as group travel and not permitted.
  3. Single when part of a couple but travelling alone.
  4. This promotional week cannot be used for honeymoon purposes or by singles.
  5. Anybody who has previously enjoyed a similar promotion organised or sponsored by the Absolute World Group through any other channel, at any other time.
  6. Anybody employed or associated with the Vacation Ownership industry, either past or present.
  7. This offer is not open to existing Absolute Owners / Members